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Hello my friends, watchers and various people.... Ok so here is what I do.... I am a writer by nature I collect pictures from google and post all my favorite pictures.... I do not take credit for these creations but show them and give sincerest of accolades to those who create them... My favorite things are Code Lyoko, Alice In Wonderland (2010), Pictures of wolves, phoenixes and fractals.

My favorite ACC is Jin Ishiyama by GForce4... I am thinking about doing a fanfic of Code Lyoko...

Favorite pairings...

Kim and Tommy (MMPR) yeah Im old school Power Rangers peeps and I don't belive in the Tommy Kat bull....

Jack Frost (Rise Of the Guardians) and Elsa (Frozen)~ Favorite story from that pairing is Frostbitten

Tarrant Hightopp and Alice Kingsleigh (Alice in Wonderland 2010)

Yue and Sakura (Card Captors)

Kohaku and Chihiro (Spirited Away)

Ashitaka and San (Princess Mononoke)

Eureka and Renton (Eureka Seven)

Edward and Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Dark (DN Angel)

Kat and Jason (Power Rangers)

Billy and Trini (Power Rangers)

Tanya and Adam (Power Rangers Zeo)

Rocky and Aisha (Power Rangers Second Season)

Justin and my AAC AshKay (Soon to be posted)

Jason Argo and Raina Viridian (Viridian Chronicles Posted and in the works)

Eliza and Paul (Road Trip Generations soon to be posted)

The 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)

Favorite Fanfictions:

Unwanted Memories (Yue/ Sakura)

Frostbitten (Jack/Elsa)…

Return of the Ancient Ninjetti (Tommy/Kim)

Code Lyoko a Retelling (Jin) by GForce4

Favorite Animals......

Wolves, Phoenixes, Dolphins, Horses,

Favorite Colors.....

Blue, Green and Purple

Favorite Actor.....

Johnny Depp

Other Sites to follow me on....

Old Deviant Account: Virtual-Princess (Feel free to check me out) LS PhoenixWolf

Instagram: Agilecrane

Skype: LS PhoenixWolf

AIM: Agilecrane77


Facebook: Upon Request

Thats about me or about me with the tip of the iceburg.... But hey this is a description not my life story.... So check me out.... And let me know what you think.... Like I said Accolades to all who can create better then I can and if you see one of the pictures I found on google give me your name and the pictures proper name and I will gladly take it down or give its proper name.... I do not wish to offend anyone... I wish to show my appreciation and sincerest flattery to those who have inspired either my works as a writer or my life in someway shape or form and I would love to follow those of you who have pictures on DA....

Take care my friends and thanks for your time....


Haku and Chihiro by hakuyukiko Haku and Chihiro :iconhakuyukiko:hakuyukiko 33 1 Chihiro and Haku - Spirited Away by giulystar-chan Chihiro and Haku - Spirited Away :icongiulystar-chan:giulystar-chan 45 10 Chihiro and Haku by Naomeart Chihiro and Haku :iconnaomeart:Naomeart 142 22 Haku and Chihiro. by inarion7 Haku and Chihiro. :iconinarion7:inarion7 181 23 Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi by Ayasal Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi :iconayasal:Ayasal 1,722 192 Chihiro by Becky0109 Chihiro :iconbecky0109:Becky0109 61 3 Chihiro and Haku by Senshee Chihiro and Haku :iconsenshee:Senshee 206 50 Chihiro - Spirited Away by CarinaT Chihiro - Spirited Away :iconcarinat:CarinaT 1,890 338 Haku. by JadeDianna Haku. :iconjadedianna:JadeDianna 158 34 Chihiro and Haku by Sara by Sara-Sakurahime Chihiro and Haku by Sara :iconsara-sakurahime:Sara-Sakurahime 98 11 Chihiro and Haku by PedroCampello Chihiro and Haku :iconpedrocampello:PedroCampello 307 30 Spirited Away - Haku + Chihiro by kngdmhrts2 Spirited Away - Haku + Chihiro :iconkngdmhrts2:kngdmhrts2 159 75 Haku by Meishali Haku :iconmeishali:Meishali 278 50 Chihiro, Haku, Boh and Bird by Darey-Dawn Chihiro, Haku, Boh and Bird :icondarey-dawn:Darey-Dawn 423 26 Haku x Chihiro Wallpaper by ryushurei Haku x Chihiro Wallpaper :iconryushurei:ryushurei 104 5 Spirited Away - Chihiro + Haku by vivsters Spirited Away - Chihiro + Haku :iconvivsters:vivsters 1,529 174


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LS PhoenixWolf
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United States
I am the voice in the wind and the calling rain, I am the voice in the shining stars, I am the voice in the howl of the silver moon, I am the voice I will remain...


Name: Atticus Kole Hopper

Hair Color: Sandy Brown

Age: 14 (Roughly)

Typical Earth Outfit: Pale blue jeans and a pale gray shirt...

Lyoko Character:  Elven

Lyoko Uniform: Blue and Silver (Picture Aelita's Outfit from Season One in blue and silver and deviate slightly my minions)

Lyoko Power: Blue Force Fields, Manipulate Lyoko

Personality on Earth: Kind, Soft Spoken Sensible, Logical and Empathic

Personality on Lyoko: Cool, Calm Collected and Genius

Hobbies: Reading, Playing the Piano

Information to Go By: Aelita's Older brother who was discovered on Lyoko during the discovery of the Silver City also known as sector 7

Excerpt From Code Seven: Aelita's Dream

Aelita was five, she was with her parents and they were at a hospital outside of a room. The Doctor came out of the room.

    "I'm sorry Mr Hopper your son is not improving. He seems to be weakening from the disease."

    "May we see him?" Aelita's mother asked her eyes glistening with tears.


There was a boy a year older then Aelita lying on the bed, his face covered with an oxygen mask. He looked over at her with soft and kind emerald green eyes.

He smiled weakly when he saw her.

    "Hello Lita," he whispered.

The world changed and they were in the factory, Franz held Aelita's hand while carrying the boy wrapped in a blanket. They were approaching the scanners, Franz dropped Aelita's hand and placed the green eyed boy in one of the scanners. He seemed worse to Aelita as he lay huddled in the scanner more sicly then before. Franz then placed her in the scanner next to the boy's before leaving to start the count down. The boy coughed sickening wretching coughs that tore through his entire frame.

    "Aleck, I'm scared."

   The boy looked at her and smiled at her his green eyes soft, "Don't worry Lita, everything will be all right we are going somewhere safe." he whispered.

There was a flash of golden light and Aelita woke with a start. 

  • Listening to: A World Without Danger
  • Reading: Code Lyoko a Retelling
  • Watching: Code Lyoko


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